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Manuka Honey "Could Help Fight Superbugs"

The Wonders of Honey - BBC News


Book 3 Reflexology appointments and get your 4th free!!!

Happy 69 Year Old Lady Has Not Used Money For 15 Years

An interesting article, worth a read...Wake Up World

Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic – Fact or Fiction?

Worried about Swine Flu? Read this article by now.

Homeopathy 'eases cancer therapy'

"Some homeopathic medicines may ease the side-effects of cancer treatments without interfering in how they work, a scientific review has concluded." - BBC Article

Homeopathic Phone Consultations Available

Telephone Consultations are available! It is just like booking an appointment, but staying in the comfort of your own home, how easy is that!!

For further information on availability and prices just give me a call.

55 Facts About Homeopathy

Annual Epidemic Prevented Using Homeopathy

"Cuba prevents annual epidemic among 5m people using Homeopathy" - Read Article.

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