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Happy 69 Year Old Lady Has Not Used Money For 15 Years

An interesting article, worth a read...Wake Up World

Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic – Fact or Fiction?

Worried about Swine Flu? Read this article by now.

Homeopathy 'eases cancer therapy'

"Some homeopathic medicines may ease the side-effects of cancer treatments without interfering in how they work, a scientific review has concluded." - BBC Article

Vitamin can prevent memory loss

"A vitamin found in meat, fish and milk may help stave off memory loss in old age, a study has suggested." - BBC Article.

The truth about Homeopathy

An article by Louise Mclean given in a nice and easy to read format to help dispel the myths concerning Homeopathy

Is an alternative just the tonic?

A BBC News article on looking at alternatives being used to treat many health concerns in Northern Ireland.

Why homeopathy and what is it anyway?

An interesting article on one doctor's frustrations with the current medical system... continue

Homeopathy Worked For Me

H:MC21 are running this campaign. If you have had success with homeopathy, then add your name, online, right now, to declare: “homeopathy worked for me”.

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